Sunday, March 19, 2006

Da Buzz New CD Now Out!

Last Goodbye is the latest single from the Da Buzz from the new CD.

They rocked with "Let Me Love You" from the Bodypump 41 :)

Bodypump 41 Trackview:>>>>>>>>

01. Let me love you Da Buzz - Awesome warmup track.
02. Send me an angle Mythos N DJ Cosmo - The hardest squat track besides Now we are Free by Dreamgate.
03. Starlight The Superman Lovers - The hardest chest track ever nothing compares to this track.
04. Let me fly Kim Lucas - You just want to fly with Kim in this awesome track 4.
05. Hey Baby DJ Otzi - One happy track and love the ending a real tough triceps track.
05. Let me entertain you Robbie Williams - Let Robbie Williams entertain your biceps
07. Silence Delirium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Was and still is an outstanding lunge track.
08. Everybody Scream Paffendorf The music is entrancing Paffendorf are way cool and love them in Bodypump 38.
09. Paid my dues Anastacia - That track is one awesome abs track I love Anastacia for abs :)
10 Fly away from here Aerosmith - Aerosmith rocked in Bodybalance 7 BB 05 Come Together Aerosmith and 8 BB 08 Don't want to miss a thing Aerosmith they rock here with a way cool cooldown.

Bodypump 41 was a tough Bodypump :)

I have no idea why they have not been used in any other Bodypump or Bodystep class.

Mopps (Mark Nuu) please use Da Buzz in Bodystep please :)

They also appeared in 1 BA 43 Wanna Be With Me Da Buzz as a track 1. Which was an OTT warmup for a Bodyattack Class (choreographed by Lisa O.)

You can watch Wanna Be With Me on their website :) that track rocks IMO!

Any track below would rock in any Les Mills class IMO!

Dangerous - How Could You Leave Me - Come Away With Me - Waiting For Me - Stay Forever - Young Lost - Without You - Set My Heart On Fire - I Love You - Stuck - I've Been Waiting - Can't Give Up Love - Magic In The Air - Alive- Wonder Where You Are - Paradise

Songs by Da Buzz get the happy endorphins going :) and they are what make a class happy :)

Check the video for their latest offering at:

They look totally hot and the CD sure is going to be a chart topper :)

(c) 2006 Endel Records Sweeden


Last Goodbye - World for 2 - Soon my Heart - Give me Your Hand - Tell Me No Lies - Without Breaking - Life is Good - Together we got the Power - The Echo - Live my Life With You - Here I am - Last Goodbye Remix.

Its great to have them back :)


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